Illinois Everbearing Mulberry Tree
Illinois Everbearing Mulberry Tree

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry Tree

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Morus rubra x Moris alba. This vigorous variety is grafted onto Russian mulberry stock for hardiness. It produces large 3-4 cm fruit which ripen throughout the month of July, sometimes longer depending on the season. Sweet and flavourful, these berries stain your hands and mouth with their deep purple pigment, and are a special treat thanks to their poor shelf life and therefore lack of grocery store comparability. Every farm should have a mulberry tree: part of the seasonal flow at a neighboring farm includes their white-furred farm dog turning purple for the month of July while she basks in the shade under their big old mulberry tree! The branches may be used in basketry.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5b

Recommended Use: fresh eating, juice, cooking, baking, basketry

Ripens: July

Pollination: Self-pollinating

Size including pot: 80-120 cm one-year whip