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Grandma Julia Ann Gooseberry
Grandma Julia Ann Gooseberry
Grandma Julia Ann Gooseberry

Grandma Julia Ann Gooseberry

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Grown by our Grandmother on her home farm outside on New Hamburg. Nearly thornless while producing large, pink, juicy berries. Steph recommends picking the berries when they are just blushing pink and letting them sit in a sunny window to ripen and get extra sweet! You'll know they are just right when they turn a soft red instead of greeny-pink.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 3

Recommended Use: juice, cooking, baking

Ripens: late July

Pollination: Self-pollinating

Size including roots: 1 yr. No. 1 (minimum 20 cm tall)

A note on the "Grandma" Series: Inspired by Ken's 'Grandma Ethel Black currant', we decided to curate our own repertoire of family favourites! Check out our tried-n-true rhubarb and raspberries in addition to the currants and gooseberries.

Thanks for your interest in this bush. Unfortunately our crop didn't grow so well, and they are unavailable this coming spring season. However, we have many little gooseberries sprouted and in the works for spring 2022! Stay tuned!