Orange Energy Sea Buckthorn (Female)

Orange Energy Sea Buckthorn (Female)

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The berries are flavourful, tropical and quite tart. This cultivar is notable for its heavy cropping with large, bright orange fruit. It's a later season variety, and when ripe the whole bush turns orange with it's load of fruit. Reaches 6-8 feet at maturity, though can be pruned smaller.

The leaves and young branches are suitable for animal fodder, which we can attest to from the hens that run around our retail area in summer, sampling from our potted sea buckthorn plants whenever Steph isn't around to chase them away. Orange Energy grows 2-3 m tall. Sea Buckthorn have nodules on their roots which help fix nitrogen into the ground, and are a common plant in permaculture orchards for this natural 'fertilizer' effect on plants in their vicinity.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 4

Recommended Use: juice, cooking, baking, leaves may be used in tea

Ripens: Mid September

Pollination: Self-sterile

Size including roots: 1 year (40-60cm)