10 Calville Blanc Apples

10 Calville Blanc Apples

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This apple stands out with prominent ribs reaching up its sides. Its strong, sweet-sharp flavour also stands out in baking and cooking. Very high in vitamin C and keeps about 3 months. Flavour improves after picking. Calville Blanc comes from Europe where it is documented as early as 1598, and has a reputation as a valuable apple for baking and hard cider. Sold in bundles of 10.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: zone 5 

Recommended Use: fresh eating, cooking, cider

Ripens: Early October 

Pollination: Requires a pollinator

Height including roots: ten 100-200 cm one-year trees

Bare Root will ship or be available for pick up in April and May of 2020.

Potted trees are available April to October, but for pick up at the nursery only.