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Hican Seedling

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Carya ovata x C. illinoinensis. A rare cross between a shagbark hickory and a pecanWe grow this species from nuts of the cultivar Burton, grown for its reliable cropping. Depending on what pollinated each seedling, it's future nuts will most resemble a hickory nut or a pecan, but generally nuts will be larger than a pecan.

Height including roots: one year seedling

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5b

Recommended Use: nuts used for fresh eating, cooking or baking

Ripens: October 

Pollination: requires a least 2 to produce nuts

To Order for Spring 2021: orders for spring shipping or pick-up can be placed as early as December. If you wish to reserve anything before that time or have any questions, please email us: sales@silvercreeknursery.ca. We sell only apples and pears bareroot in the fall, as they are most winter hardy. Everything else (as well as apple and pear) is available in spring.