Sea Buckthorn Seedling

Sea Buckthorn Seedling

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Hippophae ssp. If you're looking for a dense, fruiting hedge bush, look no further! These cold-hardy plants are grown from seed, thus may be male or female unlike cultivated varieties. The nodules on their roots help fix nitrogen into the soil, and the resilient plants are salt tolerant. They can withstand the juglones from walnuts and will reach up to 6 meters tall, forming virtually impermeable thickets if left to their own devices. One male plant will pollinate 5 females, and the female seedlings will bear fruit given there is a male plant near by. The leaves can be enjoyed in tea.

Height including pot: 10-20 cm one year seedling in 4cm plug

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 3

Recommended Use: nitrogen fixer, possibly fresh eating (if plant is female and males are nearby).

Ripens: late Aug/early Sept, if female.

Pollination: self sterile 

Bare root plants will ship or be available for pick up in April and May of 2020.