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Nurture Growth BioFertilizer

Nurture Growth BioFertilizer

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We use this in our orchard for all trees (both in our experimental orchard and nursery stock) as part of out holistic spray system. You can download the holistic spray recipe here.

This company is based out of Mississauga ON, and uses local food waste from restaurants and grocery stores to brew effective microbes. There are all sorts of active microbes and bacteria that help unlock nutrients for plants. There are a few bacteria that are pest deterrents too, so that is an added bonus. This product is completely organic, and suitable for anything that grows. Dilute by 1 part Nurture Growth concentrate to 200 parts water, and apply as a soil drench or spray on foliage.

150mL makes 30L

1L makes 200L

4L makes 800L

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