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Soil Activator
Soil Activator
Soil Activator

Soil Activator

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A natural and powerful microbial product for active soil and vigorous plants from the roots up. Soil Activator can be applied anywhere – any field in any country and even in your own backyard.

Composed of a blend of naturally-occurring soil microorganisms, Soil ActivatorTM boosts yields by increasing the availability of crop nutrients in the soil! Does not contain genetically modified organisms or synthetic chemicals. Increases nutrient availability and uptake. Improves soil moisture retention. Helps plants manage transplant shock. Maximize your fertilizer investment.

This product pairs well with our mycorrhizal inoculant: soil can be compartmentalized into 2 categories, fungal dominated and bacterial dominated. Trees and perennials generally like fungal dominated soil. Annuals and vegetables generally like bacterial dominated soils. Root Rescue adds the fungal aspect, while the Soil Activator adds the bacteria. Both categories are in all soil, just in different ratios. Using these products can help you set your plants up for a productive, healthy harvest!

50g per packet.

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