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Frost Peach

Frost Peach

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 Frost is notable for its late blooming period, excellent for avoiding spring frosts. Its a medium-large sized mid-season fruit, with yellow freestone flesh and a red blush on top. It has resistance to peach leaf curl and very vigorous. Fruit hangs onto tree for a long time, which extends the season.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5

Recommended Use: fresh eating, baking, preserving

Ripens: mid July

Pollination: self-fertile

Rootstock: Full size

Bare Root will ship or be available for pick up in April and May of 2020.

Potted trees are available in April - October 2020, but for pick up at the nursery only. Price subject to change based on size: plants in 5 gal. pots are $59.95, 7 gal. pots are $75.95. Call us at 519-804-6060 for current size availability.