Potted plants are still available at the nursery! We are open by chance or by appointment through July and August!



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We have well over 300 fruit tree cultivars in our test orchards, and enjoy finding new cultivars every year to add to it. While we have over 100 different mature trees, in the past couple of years we have added many new cultivars. We source our material from trusted sources, but we like to wait until our trees product fruit to be sure they are true to type prior to selling material from them.

This again makes our 'availability' list quite messy and changes quite a lot from year to year, and this is why it is best if you simply contact us regarding scions. If you are interested in scions, please email sales@silvercreeknursery.ca with your wishlist. 

Due to the nature of nature, we cannot be sure of the exact numbers of available scionwood until we cut them.   We suggest having a few substitution options as back up, as we don't have time to contact back and forth in spring when we are cutting scionwood, pruning, picking and packing orders, etc,etc.

Size: 12-18" or 30+cm, as available*. If a scion is less than 6" or 15cm, it will be discounted accordingly.

*since we specialize in so many varieties, they each have a unique growth habit and vigor. Some cultivars will produce long relatively thick scions, and others tend to produce shorter, thin scions. We will provide the best quality we can, within natural restraints.

Pictured to the left, some of our scionwood and Wayne bundling and labeling pear scions. 

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