Wave Sea Mineral Extract
Wave Sea Mineral Extract
Wave Sea Mineral Extract
Wave Sea Mineral Extract

Wave Sea Mineral Extract

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We use this as a foliar spray as fruit and veg plants come into production each season to enhance the flavour and nutrients of the harvest.

Big Blue WAVE sea minerals are derived from ocean water collected in remote areas, far from urban and industrial pollution.

WAVE is a nutrient dense, low sodium, full spectrum ionic sea mineral solution derived from ocean water. Ionic minerals are elements that are totally dissolved. It is only in this ionized state that nutrients can be absorbed by plants. There is a very simple reason why WAVE sea minerals are efficient: minerals and trace elements are required for the formation of plant compounds such as enzymes, vitamins, proteins, oils and sugars. They are crucial ingredients in a healthy active soil, nourishing the plant and aiding in photosynthesis.

250mL per bottle with over 90 trace minerals.

For more information: https://earthalivect.com/agriculture/wave/

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