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Sweetgum Seedling

Sweetgum Seedling

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Species: Liquidambar styraciflua

History: Native to the eastern and southern United States and parts of Mexico and Central America, the gum and resin produced by the tree have long been used by indigenous peoples where the tree grows. It first became known to the Western world in 1517 when the Mayans presented some in a form akin to incense as a gift to the Cuban minister's nephew. The tree itself was then described in 1615 in a work by Spanish naturalist Francisco Hernández that was published after his death. The tree remains an important source of lumber in the US and has a wide variety of uses.

Why We Grow It: Sweetgum has a wide array of uses with its lumber, resin, and gum. On top of that, it is an appealing tree to have planted in the yard with its star-shaped leaves that turn a lovely shade of red in the fall. Since this tree often grows in warmer climates, consider planting it in a sheltered area.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5

Soil Preference: Adaptable to many soil types

Growth Habits and Disease Resistance: Tree reaches 15-20m tall normally but can reach 45m in the wild, narrow growth habit

Sun/Shade: Full sun (approx. 8-10 hours of sun daily)

Recommended Use: Ornamental, lumber, gum, resin

Height Above Soil: 30cm+

These sweetgums came from Steph's great Uncle Dan, grown naturally in his backyard nursery called Tranquil Acres, near Ridgeway ON. Pictured on the left are the mother trees in all their autumn glory. Thanks for the lovely seedlings Uncle Dan!

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