Delicious Elderberry Pie

Delicious Elderberry Pie

Mouse Paxton

During a bit of a lull at the nursery, I used frozen York and Scotia elderberries from the bushes growing right outside the office to create an elderberry pie. I thought it would be a good way to use a bunch of the berries at once and get a good feel for what the flavour is like in baking. I still have nearly two bags of berries left so I'm excited to try out other recipes too!

Recipe: I followed the recipe here! The pie turned out well but the recipe can be vague, so you'll have to trust your gut! I think I would another cup of elderberries (and the corresponding amount of sugar) next time, the crust to filling ratio was not my favourite. I also plan to make the pie more visually appealing next time! 

Staff Review: The pie was quite popular with everyone, including Steph whose favourite pie is elderberry pie and Wayne who is quite the pie connoisseur. The crunchy seeds can take a bit of getting used to for anyone unfamiliar with elderberry pie. 


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