Collection: Fig Trees

New for the 2023 spring season! We have partnered with the wonderful folks at Tropic of Canada to offer you ten delicious varieties of hardy figs, which can be grown in containers, or directly in the ground in zone 6 (some sources say these figs are even hardy to zone 4 with sufficient winter protection - but that requires some research on your behalf to properly protect your plants!) with a heavy mulch to help insulate the plants. We have found the tops tend to die back at our location, so for reliable cropping, we highly recommend growing figs in containers, however there are many Youtube videos and this excellent book to help you on your journey to growing figs in your backyard!

What is 'breba'?

Breba crops are much like everbearing raspberries, where fruit is produced on the previous years growth, creating a crop early in summer, followed by the main crop in early fall. Breba means second crop, but it comes first in the growing season, and it often is smaller is quantity and size than the main crop. When pruning your figs, it's important to remember that if your variety produces a breba crop, you want to only prune out 2+ year old wood, or you risk pruning out your breba crop. 

Fig Trees