Our Standards

buckwheat field
A cover crop of buckwheat where trees grew the year before

We believe in natural, sustainable farming. This means we support a polyculture ecosystem and our farm teams with biodiversity, from the chickens running around the yard to the worms crawling through the soil. This also means no chemical sprays, no round-up, and no genetically modified organisms in our fields. We work hard and after a lot of long hot days, and a lot of love for each individual tree, we happily send them on their way to a new life in your orchard - big or small.

Silver Creek Nursery thrives on a complicated sort of chaos within the orchard; this involves everything from promoting habitats for beneficial insects (wasps!), using various herbal microbiotic brews and natural (and local where possible) sources of nutrients for the soil and plants. We rotate cover crops through field crops, and my sister manages a couple hives on our orchard every year. This year we are planting an 8 meter buffer strip of mixed species, and are expanding to accommodate future years’ use on what can be, in 3 years time, certified organic.

Beehives in the orchard

And we are always improving. There are many local, sustainable foodies and farmers who lend us inspiration and support us. There are many ways to farm the land, and many types of land to farm. Should you need an affidavit or have any interest in discussing our practices further, please to not hesitate to call us at 519-804-6060.