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Growing your own fruit is an empowering, rewarding and very satisfying labor of love! Sometimes however, it can be challenging. And it really pays off to do things right the first time: first research, then plan, lastly plant. No matter the size, orchards from 2 trees to 200+ are an investment in both time and labor. See below for some excellent courses and workshops to help you along your journey!

Online Grafting Workshops

Essential Fruit Tree Grafting: Spring Fundamentals

Learn the nuances of spring grafting, including 3 different methods, plus scion collection, aftercare, and the science of what species + when + how! Cost $149 USD.

Complete Fruit Tree Grafting & Budding: Spring to Summer Mastery

Along with everything covered in the Spring Fundamentals course, you will learn how to chip bud and T-bud trees in the summer and gain access to extra bonus content. Cost $225 USD.

Both courses offer the option to register for online meet-ups with Steph, Susan, and your fellow classmates!

Workshops at Silver Creek Nursery: SOLD OUT for 2024!

Holistic Spray Workshop

N/A for 2024: Steph and Susan Poizner will be giving a talk at the Guelph Organic Conference on orchard IPM that covers the spray

Ever wondered about the mysterious 'Holistic Spray' we mention? Learn all about it in this workshop. Join us bright and early to discuss spraying, the ingredients in a holistic spray, when and where, and most importantly, why! We will show you our set up and offer advice to make your own spray, for your own localized pest and disease pressures. Rain date TBD if needed. Email to get your name on the list - space is limited so let us know asap. Cost: pay-what-you-can, up to $20/person, funds will go to our test orchards.

Apple Grafting Workshop 

Sunday May 5th, 2024 - currently full as of Dec 2023

This is a hands-on workshop where you will learn to graft and take home 5 apple trees at the end of the day.  For pricing or to sign up, contact us and we'll send you a registration form. 

  • Growing Organic Fruit Trees: A Beginner's Guide

    Urban orchardist and fruit tree care educator Susan Poizner shares proven secrets for growing healthy, productive organic fruit trees.

    1 hour. For 50% off tuition use discount code FTNURSERY $19.95 USD.

  • Researching Fruit Trees for Organic Growing Success

    Learn to research and source easier-to-grow fruit trees that will thrive. You will also learn about rootstocks, planting distances andadvanced growing systems. Beginner or intermediate level.

    2 hours. $79 USD.

  • Unlocking Soil Potential

    The secret to growing healthy plants and trees is a soil that is rich in nutrients and filled with life. And the secret to achieving healthy soil does not involve fancy fertilizers and expensive amendments.

    5 hours. $199 USD.

  • Managing Fruit Tree Pests & Disease (IPM)

    Protect your fruit trees from pests and diseases without resorting to chemical warfare! IPM allows you to minimize the use of sprays while improving tree health.

    7 hours. $249 USD.

  • Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass

    Orchardists will learn fruit tree pruning skills to improve fruit tree health & harvest. This course covers central leader, espalier and high-density orchard pruning.

    4 hours. $149 USD.

  • Certificate In Fruit Tree Care

    Learn how to select a fruit tree for your unique conditions. Learn planting and young tree care, winter and summer pruning, pest and disease prevention, soil and fertility management.

    8 hours. $249 USD.

  • Orchard People Community Forum

    In this organic-minded community you can ask your fruit tree care questions and share your experiences with other passionate growers of all levels of experience.

  • Meet Susan Poizner

    Founder of Orchard People, Susan has carved out her place in the fruit tree world to educate and inspire beginner and intermediate gardeners and growers to prolifically grow their own nutrient dence fruit!

  • Bronze Bundle

    Save $73 on tuition. Sign up for our Certificate in Fruit Tree Care and receive our Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass for half price. For beginner and intermediate growers.

    12 hours. $325 USD.

  • Silver Bundle

    Save $100 in tuition for Certificate in Fruit Tree Care and Managing Fruit Tree Pests and Diseases (IPM). Includes pruning, fertility management, organic pest and disease identification.

    15 hours. $398 USD.

  • Gold Bundle

    Save $150 in tuition and learn how to grow fruit trees successfully. Includes 3 courses: Certificate in Fruit Tree Care, Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass, Managing Fruit Tree Pests and Diseases (IPM).

    19 hours. $495 USD.

  • Platinum Bundle

    Save $200 in tuition and take all 4 flagship courses: Certificate in Fruit Tree Care, Fruit Tree Pruning Masterclass, Managing Fruit Tree Pests and Diseases, Unlocking Soil Potential.

    24 hours. $646 USD.

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