Collection: Rootstock & Scionwood

Every year we get requests for rootstock and scionwood. Our main business in in the finished product (grafted fruit trees), however we do like to support those wishing to learn the process to graft their own, as it is a very enjoyable (and rather addictive) pastime! We also offer a grafting course every spring and offer various grafting supplies which can be found in the orchard supply section of the website, here.

Rootstock Availability: The website is up-to-date with the rootstock we will have available for this spring! Rootstock has been selling quite quickly this year and anything listed as sold out is no longer available for Spring 2024. We are happy to add you to our Spring 2025 request list if you would like to order ahead for next year!

Scionwood Availability: Scionwood sales have closed for 2024! If you are interested in scionwood for 2025, we are happy to add you to our request list for next year!