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The crop is finally tucked into cold storage, after harvesting the seedlings at Steph's Dad's farm, True Root Nursery. It's been a busy fall! We are catching up on maintinence projects, and have even begun picking/orgnaizing orders for spring, to keep up with the increasing volume of orders and to prepare for Steph (and Zack) to be away from the nursery when the baby comes. With picking so early, this means you'll want to be sure of what you order since there is a $20 restocking fee on trees removed from orders after they have been picked. Happy orchard planning!

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Growing Organic Fruit Trees: Learn the Secrets of Success

Urban orchardist and award-winning author Susan Poizner shares her proven secrets for growing healthy, productive organic fruit trees. This course comes with a copy of Susan's award-winning eBookGrowing Urban Orchards. Price is in USD. For 50% off the price of tuition use the discount code FTNURSERY.

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  • Before You Plant

    There are some important factors to consider before you purchase or plant fruit trees. Your climate zone, space, soil, make a difference, as well as rootstock, species, your desired work load and outcome.

    Before you plant: FAQ 
  • Need Help Choosing?

    We have an excellent filtering system at the top of each collection of plants to help you find traits your need for your orchard! Still stuck? Send us an email and we can try to help you find the right fruit tree for your space! We also have an annual fruit tasting showcasing the test orchards bounty.

    Fruit Tasting 2023 
  • Pests & Diseases

    There are many philosophies on correct orchard management. Finding the right balance of work/inputs to producing nutrient dense food can be challenging. We have begun compiling a selection of information to help aid you in your organic fruit tree growing endeavours.

    Pest & Disease FAQ 
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