How shipping compares to picking up your order

We are happy to accommodate both shipping or pick- up options for you. Shipping costs around $50-90 for fruit trees, and $25-40 for seedlings, depending on size, quantity, etc. We are not in the business of shipping products, and given we are quoting shipping sometimes 6+ months in advance, may underquote and ask for more funds to cover the expense, or refund you if you overpaid.


Orders for Shipping - Spring

In March, we will begin shipping to southern ON. We ship orders primarily by considering the weather forecast in your area and secondarily on a first come first serve basis. By using the highlighted date picker option on the cart page, you can see what your recommended ship dates are based off of your postal code. See our shipping policy for further information.

Orders for Pick Up - Spring

In mid-March we begin notifying local customers that their order is ready for pick up. We pick and process orders on a first come first serve basis. Please wait for your notification before stopping in, as there may be protocols that are subject to change regarding the pandemic.

Orders for Shipping - Fall (Apples and Pears Only)

In late October/early November, we dig our crop. This process takes at least a week, with all hands on deck as we dig, grade, and store our trees. It is a completely weather dependent task, as such while we plan to have a fall sale season, sometimes it just doesn't happen if the weather is exceptionally wet or snowy. We will not contact you individually, but will update social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as the website with the status of the work.

Once the crop is in storage, we pick orders as quick as possible to give you a reasonable window to plant before winter blows in - again, this is a rather hairy couple of weeks at the nursery, so we stop accepting fall orders by Oct. 15 so we can be fully prepared when it is time to act. 

Once we are ready to ship orders, you will get tracking info which will give you a couple days heads up. See our shipping policy for further information.

Orders for Pick Up - Fall (Apples and Pears Only)

As indicated in the paragraph above, we strive to have the crop in by early November to give you a week or two to get your trees planted - though that is not a guarantee! Once you receive an email notice that your order is ready, it will have instructions for pick up, hours, etc., and you can come and get your new trees!