Our Shipping Policy: How Shipping Works

Overview: Every spring we ship thousands of trees across Canada, and there is usually a smaller shipping season in the fall too, weather permitting. Shipping live plants is not without challenges. We do our best to ensure the trees are packaged for success: the roots are bundled in damp sawdust, bagged, then boxed, limbs carefully tucked in. We ship on Mondays, and sometimes Tuesdays, to ensure the trees have as long as possible to reach their destination before the weekend, so they don't get stuck in a post office. Upon receiving mail order plants, open immediately, check the sawdust is still damp around the roots, and then store in a cool dark location until you plant. Preferably, plant them the same day they arrive but they can be stored for a few days.

Do you ship bareroot plants? How?

Yes! Your bareroot plants are bundled together in a plastic bag that is filled with damp sawdust to keep the roots moist while in transit. They are then securely fastened inside a box and sent to you as soon as they are packaged up and the weather is suitable for planting. Your bareroot plants are dormant when we send them to you, so they will not have any leaves. 

Do you ship potted plants?

No, we do not ship our potted plants. The pots are too heavy and bulky for us to ship them economically, so they are only available for pick-up. 

Why is shipping so expensive?

Due to the size of the trees, shipping is automatically fairly high to cover the cost of shipping such large boxes. With the advent of COVID-19, shipping rates have also been increasing much faster than normal and we are simply charging the rates that are being charged to us in order to send your plants to you. While we do what we can to fit as many plants as we safely can into one box, there is only so much we can do to minimize shipping fees.

Can shipping fees change once the order is packaged?

Yes, the shipping fees included on your order are only an estimate and actual fees may vary. Sometimes plants are larger or bulkier than expected and a larger box may be needed or shipping fees are simply higher than estimated. 

If shipping fees have gone up significantly, we will send an invoice with the outstanding balance and will request that you cover the amount before we ship out your plants. Likewise, if we overestimated your shipping fees we will happily send a refund for the difference. 

What is the 'shipping guarantee' option at checkout?

The shipping guarantee option at checkout is for customers who need their order to be shipped out on or around a specific date. This can apply to customers who may have to meet a specific planting window or who may not be on their property certain times of the year and do not want their plants shipped too early or late. 

The shipping guarantee is only related to the shipping date, it does not include any kind of guarantee about the condition of the plant which is covered under our 90 Day Guarantee instead.

What services do you ship with?

We generally ship our plants with Canpar. 

We will ship with Canada Post if you live in a rural or exceptionally far location where Canpar is either unreliable or too expensive. 

If you prefer we ship with Canada Post or if you would like to see a quote, please let us know.

What provinces/territories do you ship to?

We ship to every province except for British Columbia and can ship to the Territories upon request. 

We unfortunately cannot ship to BC as our plants need to be fumigated in order to cross the Rockies according to CFIA. The fumigation process takes a lot of time to set up and can easily cost over $1000 per order which makes it unfeasible for us and too costly for customers.

Do you ship to the United States?

We unfortunately do not ship plants to the United States. The paperwork simply takes too much time for our small team to manage.

Orchard supplies and hard goods like books can be shipped to the US if desired.

How long does shipping take and will my plants be okay?

On average, plants shipped with FedEx arrive within 3-5 days, although shipments in sourthern Ontario may arrive in as little as 1-2 days. As long as your plants arrive within a week, they should not have any health issues and are ready to be planted in the ground! 

What do I do if my plants arrive in poor condition?

If your plants are not looking healthy when they arrive, immediately let us know and send us pictures. We are happy to help however we can to nurse your plants to full health and will arrange compensation based on our guarantee HERE.