Are your plants organically grown?

Yes! While we are not certified organic, we have had no prohibited substances on the fields since 2016, and we grow all of our plants with natural and organic inputs to ensure our plants are grown in a manner that is sustainable and ecologically friendly. All of our fertilizer is completely natural and we primarily use our Holistic Spray to deal with pests and diseases, although if a serious pest comes through we use organic treatments only as needed to minimize harm to other species. Wayne installed about 30 birdhouses in the orchard and nursery last year, and we've been planting in the fence lines around with mixed species of trees and bushes to encourage helpful birds and animals.

We are also working on introducing animals into the growing process where possible: Zack raises meat birds for sale, Wayne has eggs he sells on the side, and we pastured 3 heritage pigs last year (and hope to again this coming year) for personal use in the cover crop fields.

However, a small selection of our plants (namely some berries, sweet cherries and peaches) are sourced from local nurseries where they are grown using conventional means. We are working towards eliminating this need from other suppliers, as we prefer to sell only organically grown plants, however Mother Nature takes her time to grow our propagation material! If you want to ensure you are only getting plants we have grown, let us know and we are happy to accommodate you and provide an affidavit upon request!