Are all of your trees available on dwarf, semi-dwarf, and full-size rootstock?

Short answer: no

Very few of our trees are available on all three sizes of rootstock. If you check our catalogue, either the variety description or the description for each species of tree will let you know what rootstock a given tree is grafted onto. 

Most of our apple trees are grafted onto dwarf and semi-dwarf rootstock. A few may be only available on dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstock and we have a small number of varieties available on full-size (aka standard) rootstock.

Pears are primarily grown on full-size rootstock but there are a few varieties available as dwarf and semi-dwarf trees. 

All of our stone fruits are only available on full-size rootstock. In some cases, specific varieties like Compact Stella and Compact Van sweet cherries naturally stay at a smaller size regardless of this.

Below is an overview of general differences. See page 7 of our catalogue or follow this link to Apple Rootstocks for more specific information.