Do you offer any courses on pest management?


Because we get so many questions about the Holistic Spray we use, Steph decided to begin hosting an informal, pay/contribute-what-you-can (will accept CAD or other homemade currencies such as brownies or cider :) ), 2 hour 'course' on what we do in our 1 acre orchard on site at the nursery. We schedule it early on a Saturday morning in April, when the weather accommodates and orchard is ready for spraying. The lesson outline involves going over the spray ingredients, what they do, and why we use them. Then we'll mix a batch of spray in out 50 gal. sprayer to show you exactly what we do. It's an easily scalable recipe, right down into a 500mL spray bottle, if you have a very small orchard. Finishing we will walk through the orchard, and have a period of Q&A time. The 2 hour length is relative to the attendees and may run shorter or longer based on the conversation.

Due to the pandemic, we cancelled last year, but are hopeful to offer it again this spring, 2022. We will post on social media confirming it's happening closer to the time.

In the meantime, Susan Poizner also has a very helpful IPM course online that can be found HERE. And tied in to IPM, is soil health;  we recommend THIS COURSE from Susan if you want to learn more about that in the orchard context.