Grower Profiles

While we aim to grow most of the plants we sell ourselves, we also carry plants from other growers that we are unable to grow due to space constraints and growing conditions. In order to be as transparent as possible, we have created Grower Profiles with information on all of our suppliers and have listed the source for each of our plants!

Silver Creek Nursery Ltd.: Founded by Ken Roth in 2009 and now based out of Wellesley where it is run by Steph and Zack Muma, we graft and grow almost all of our fruit trees and berries and vines (most berries and vines are sourced from a conventional grower but grown naturally in our fields for at least one season). We aim to provide top quality plants that are raised with all natural means to better build a sustainable food future. Although we are not certified organic, all of our growing practices are functionally organic. 

True Root Nursery: True Root Nursery, run by Steph's dad Gary Roth in Gads Hill, grows all of our seedlings including the nut trees, various native and permaculture plants, and many of the other unique plants we carry. Like us, True Root is not certified organic but Gary grows his plants using all natural means. 

Ken Roth: The original founder of Silver Creek Nursery, Ken Roth, may no longer work here but he has not abandoned his love of growing plants! Currently he provides us with currants and is working on expanding his selection of berry plants in the future. He is a certified organic grower and based out of Beaver Valley. 

Tropic of Canada: Run by Keith and Michelle Wilson in Rodney, Tropic of Canada specializes in growing a variety of tropical plants! While we mainly offer plants hardy enough to survive in our Canadian climate, we are carrying figs grown at Tropic of Canada for those interested in these wonderful trees.

Grindstone Creek Nursery Inc.: Located in Hamilton, Grindstone Creek Nursery provides all of our peach trees and supplements our sweet and sour cherries, plums, apricots, and quince. We grow some of these trees here but often find that our clay soils can be a challenge for the stone fruits. Grindstone Creek uses conventional growing methods and while we have always been happy with the quality of their plants, we hope to one day grow all of our trees ourselves in a way that fully aligns with our values. 

Mixed Source: Some of our plants may be grown in a couple different locations and will be labelled as 'Mixed Source.' For example, we grow some Rainier sweet cherries but also get some from Grindstone Creek Nursery. Most plants listed as 'Mixed Source' will be either from us or Grindstone, but just contact us if you would like any clarification on where we sourced certain plants! 

A small number of plants may come from sources not listed here. Feel free to call or email us anytime, we are more than happy to answer any questions about where our plants come from and how they were grown!