How do I purchase potted plants?

Potted plants can only be purchased directly from our nursery! They are available from spring until late fall, during the following times:


    • By chance or by appointment, please inquire to see if we have put our potted plants out for the season!
April to May
    • Tuesday to Friday - 9am-6pm
    • Saturday - 9am-4pm
    • Friday and Saturday - 9am-4pm
July to August
    • By chance or by appointment
September to mid October
    • Friday and Saturday - 9am-4pm
Late October to November
    • By chance or by appointment

We do not keep a running inventory of our potted stock and would recommend calling ahead if you are looking for anything in particular. We are happy to reserve potted plants for up to 48h.

When we are open by chance or by appointment, we strongly recommend notifying us via phone or email that you are planning to stop in so we can make sure someone is around the office to help you. During these times, we often are working out in the fields and do not always know when someone has dropped in unexpectedly!