What is the difference between spring a fall orders?

The main differences between spring and fall orders are: volume, timing, and plant availability.

Spring is our primary sales season so we have a larger number of orders to process. We have a small team and ask for your patience if there are any delays in responding to inquiries and arranging things such as pick-up times. We start accepting spring preorders around September of the previous year and will accept orders until the end of May when we shut down cold storage. All of our plants are available for spring orders.

Fall is our secondary sales season. We accept orders from September to mid/late October but may cut off orders after a certain point to ensure we are able to package all orders while planting conditions are still suitable. Since winter is right around the corner, only apple and pear trees are available because these tend to be hardier while some of our other trees (peaches, cherries) should have a growing season in the ground to get established at their new home before their first winter. And while technically many other species other than just apple and pear are hardy enough, for our sake we need to keep things simple, as those few weeks in fall are very very busy! Please note if the weather is unsuitable and/or if tree digging gets delayed, fall orders may be held until the spring.