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How to order bareroot plants

When to order bareroot plants

We specialize in bareroot trees! This means our main sale season is spring, specifically late March to late May (we typically shut down cold storage on/around May 24th). By the end of May, plants should be in the ground to ensure a full, healthful growing season. However, the earlier you plant the better (a little snow is no problem for dormant plants): the more spring rain your trees receive, the less watering you will have to do later in summer!

We do have a small sale season in fall for apples and pears only, since some other species are a little more tender and do better with a season of growth to establish roots before they overwinter.

We are happy to start accepting preorders for either season as early as September and will accept new orders for Fall until Oct. 15th and for Spring until the May 24 weekend.

How to order bareroot plants

1) Know what you want: Do a little research to learn what bareroot trees look like, how to plant them and where, etc. If you are unsure where to start, see our page "How to Grow Fruit Trees," or take Susan Poizner's course Researching Fruit Trees for Organic Growing Success here. Fruit trees and perennial plants are an investment, and it really pays off to do it right the first time!

2) Order through our website: Once you fill your cart, check a box on the bottom left side below the 'notes' section of the cart page to indicate when you want the order. You must also check the box on the right indicating you understand the terms and have done the necessary research. You can then complete your order by either paying immediately via credit/debit card or online payment services such as Paypal, or selecting pay later if you wish to pay upon pick-up, send an e-transfer, etc. You are welcome to make your payment anytime between placing the order and picking it up/prior to shipping in spring.

3) Ensure your order is confirmed: Upon confirming your order, you will receive an invoice through email with a four (4) digit invoice number. If the invoice is a draft, indicated by a 'D' in front of the number, you order is not confirmed and you have likely missed the payment step outlined above! Once your order is confirmed, we will prepare it in early spring.

Note: Try as we might to have 100% accurate inventory counts, inevitably things happen due to a miscount, a breakage, etc. In the event something about your order must change, we will contact you and work out an alternative solution. Changes due to short stock on our end are exempt from any fees as described in the 'Changing Your Order Once it is Confirmed' section.

If you are interested in ordering 100+ plants, check out our section on "How to Order Wholesale!"

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