What further resources would you recommend?

We sell several books with good pruning sections. We have outlined below how we recommend using these books:

  • The Holistic Orchard a comprehensive read; a little wordy, perhaps, but filled with tons of valuable info, including a solid pruning section. 
  • Growing Urban Orchards a simple, well rounded resource. This book is best if you learn with pictures or diagrams. It's more general info, but that's sometimes best at the beginning! 
  • Grow a Little Fruit Tree if you want to grow small trees, this is the best book for you, hands down. Beautiful graphics with lots of practical info on pruning to keep your tree small.

Susan Poizner of Orchard People also has a course on the topic, found HERE

We currently don't have a pruning course - perhaps one day when we have a little more time! In the meantime, there are many great resources which will give essentially the same info we can give you.

At the end of the day we find the best thing you can do is read up on it a bit first, then just prune and observe. Observe the results in one month's time, in 3 months' time, in 6 months' time, in 1 year's time. Observe the different growth responses from the time of year you prune, the species, the variety within the species, the rootstock, age of the tree, etc. Shaping and pruning a tree with confidence really is an intuitive art, learned over time.