What do I do if something is sold out online?

We do our best to keep our online inventory as accurate as possible, so unfortunately if something is listed as sold out it is likely unavailable until the following crop is dug. However there are often similar cultivars that can be subbed in if desired; if you need a recommendation, just shoot us an email or give us a call.

If you want to be the first to get certain plants, we would recommend getting in touch with us around August or September once our initial field counts are done and we have an idea of what is available for the upcoming Fall/Spring sales seasons.

The online inventory also changes based on the time of year. From late November to May, the inventory online is considered accurate. June to August the inventory is set to zero since we do not sell bareroot plants at this time. In August we begin updating inventory for Apples and Pears first (for fall sales) and by mid-Sept we aim to have the full inventory up. However there are often small tweaks as we adjust for what was actually dug in late Oct, and update the grades of the plants after digging.

If you order trees from August to November before we have graded them (we grade them once they are out of the ground), please bear with us in the event of a miscount. We do our absolute best to keep good records, but there are always a few discrepancies once we physically begin packing orders in spring.