When do I pay for my bareroot plant order?

We are happy to accept payment for orders anytime between the order being placed and when it is ready for pick-up or delivery. Your order will be reserved for you regardless of whether you pay right away or later! This means you can pay for your order:

  • As soon as you place it online
  • Once your order is packaged and ready to ship, at which point we will notify you that your order is ready and will request payment 
  • When you pick it up from us

In some cases, it may make sense to hold off from paying right away. If shipping to your area is difficult to calculate or if you are ordering something with unpredictable availability like scionwood, it is sometimes best to hold off until we have fully prepared your order and can give you an accurate price.

The one exception to reserving orders regardless of payment status is wholesale and other large orders. If you have a wholesale order or an order over $2000, we request that you pay a 25% deposit upfront in order for us to hold the order. The rest of the order can similarly be paid right away or when it is ready to be shipped/picked up.