What kind of plants do you grow?

We specialize in fruit trees: apples, apricots, European and Asian pears, peaches, European and Japanese plums, quince, and sweet and sour cherries. While we have several popular commercial varieties, much of what we offer are cold hardy, unique, and/or heritage varieties that are otherwise relatively uncommon.

We also have a growing selection of berry plants to pick from. While we carry some well known plants like blueberries and raspberries, we also offer less common ones like sea buckthorn and hardy kiwis which can help to add some unique character to your garden or farm.

We likewise offer a variety of tree seedlings. They are mostly 1 year old, with a few 2 year old trees, meaning they are significantly cheaper and smaller compared to fruit trees. While a few are purely ornamental, most are native and/or produce food or other benefits such as fixing nitrogen. All seed is sourced locally, or at least within Canada if we could not find local sources.

Lastly, we have what we lovingly refer to as ‘companion plants!’ These are plants such as comfrey that can be planted out in the orchard alongside your trees to provide benefits such as attracting pollinators and providing nutrients to the soil.

For a full list of the plants we carry, see our catalogue HERE!