What supplies do you recommend for a new tree?

For your new fruit tree, we would recommend one of our tree starter kits! It includes:

  • A metal label so you can keep track of which tree is which
  • A 6ft bamboo stake to keep your tree anchored in place, we recommend staking all trees for at least the first few years and dwarf trees for their entire lives
  • A rubber tree tie to attach your tree to the stake
  • A spiral guard to protect your tree from mice and rabbits that may girdle it in the fall and winter

We also recommend using Root Rescue, a mycorrhizal fungal inoculant that helps to kickstart the soil ecosystem beneath your tree, allowing your tree to adapt more quickly to its new home and take up nutrients more easily among other benefits. 

While fertilizer isn’t necessary unless your area is exceptionally nutrient poor, we do offer some natural inputs such as bone meal, liquid fish, and liquid seaweed as well.