Where can I get rootstock?

To see rootstocks we offer, click HERE.

We offer several kinds of rootstock for apples, pears, quince, sweet and sour cherries, and plums/apricots! Check our website for availability and what kinds we have.

If you are looking for a variety we do not carry, let us know and we can see if we can source it for you. There may be royalties involved and you may have to order a minimum of 50-100 rootstock depending on our supplier.

If you are looking for quantities of 1000+ per rootstock, we would recommend finding a grower and buying from them directly.

Rootstock orders over 10 units are recommended to be placed by Dec. 31st for the following spring. Since most of our rootstock is sourced from a grower in the US, we are unable to fulfill rootstock orders until we receive our shipment from them. We typically receive the delivery sometime in March or April, but if there are unexpected delays we appreciate your patience as this is entirely out of our control.