Where can I get scionwood?

We sell scionwood from our orchards. Generally, any tree listed on our website or in our catalogue is growing in one of our test orchards and we should be able to provide scionwood for it. We also have many other varieties (over 500 collectively) that aren’t on the website, so feel free to inquire about other varieties. Some of our trees may be too young to provide sufficient scionwood to sell however.

If you are interested in ordering, send us a wishlist of what you are interested in and we will let you know what we are likely able to provide! We will not know for sure what is available until we harvest our scionwood in the spring, so there may still be changes to orders at this time. We will notify you if any of the requested scions are unavailable. If possible, sending along some options you wouldn’t mind as substitutes helps things go more smoothly when cutting scionwood for orders!

We do our best to provide scionwood that is pencil thickness (ideal for grafting) and at least 12-18in long, providing at least two to three grafts’ or more worth of material. If the scions are smaller than we would like, we will either discount your order or provide extra material to compensate. Some trees naturally produce small or skinny scions, so we are not always able to provide ideal grafting material.

We recommend placing scion orders by Dec. 31st for the following spring for priority selection. We generally harvest our scions in late winter/early spring depending on the weather and they are often available for shipping/pick-up earlier than our other orders. Please note that we ship scion orders in April at our discretion, with no delay available. If you need to hold it dormant until later in the season that is your own responsibility. 

Scionwood can also be sourced from other growers (eg. Bill O’Keefe in Ontario has an excellent heritage selection) or you can harvest it yourself if you have a tree you would like to propagate!