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Will different kinds of trees pollinate each other? (ex. Will an apple and pear pollinate?)

Generally, different species of trees will not pollinate each other, so an apple and a pear will not cross-pollinate. The main exception to this are European and Asian pears, although they are different species they will pollinate each other. There are a few random exceptions, but it's best to err on more pollination options than less with fruit trees.


It is good to keep the following in mind as well:

  • Apples and crabapples will pollinate each other since they are the same species
  • Crabapples are excellent pollinators as they have so many blossoms
  • European and Asian pears will pollinate each other
  • European and Japanese plums will not pollinate each other
  • Sweet and Sour cherries will not pollinate each other

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