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Bird House for Bluebirds and Swallows

Bird House for Bluebirds and Swallows

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These tried-n-true bird houses provide a cozy home for bluebirds and tree swallows - the pattern comes from a local old-timer, and it clearly is an excellent design. Within the first season, we had many swallows and 2 families of bluebirds flitting around the orchard.

Invest in one of natures insect controls (birds!), and increase biodiversity. The slot opening is preferred to prevent predator birds from blocking the entrance and bullying the birds inside. The front panel swings open for easy cleaning. Hand built by Wayne, this is one way we keep our employees working throughout the slower winter months. It's recommended to install the houses 2 at a time, as these species of birds will guard two houses at once. Click here to see complete installation instructions.

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