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Orchard Honey
Orchard Honey
Orchard Honey
Orchard Honey

Orchard Honey

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This honey is 100% raw, extracted from our organically managed orchard by Huckleberry Hives. Aside from pollinating our fruit trees, the bees enjoyed the carpet of dandelions in the orchard, sunflowers and buckwheat from our cover crop, and the wildflowers along the ditch banks, gardens, and green spaces on the south end of Wellesley. 

    "This raw wildflower honey originates from our hives in the Silver Creek Nursery cutting orchard. Due to its harvest being at the end of the season, the floral sources are not strictly fruit trees and the dandelions that blanket the orchard in spring, but also the cover crop and natural vegetation blooming all summer long. Give it a taste and see what your tongue tells you about the flavour!" 

    Because this honey hasn't been heated by anything but the sun, it has crystallized. This is completely normal. If you wish to liquefy it, place it in a hot water bath or gently heat, stirring occasionally, until the honey dissolves. 

    500g Ontario No.1 Golden or for more information!


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