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Beneficial Insect Wildflower Orchard Seed Mix - 150g

Beneficial Insect Wildflower Orchard Seed Mix - 150g

Enjoy our GMO-free, untreated, open-pollinated, custom blend of flowering plant and herb seeds, designed to help attract all kinds of beneficial insects to your garden! This blend will attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and Syrphid flies along with helpful predatory insects that will naturally take care of the pests in your garden, reducing the need for harmful insecticides and improving biodiversity. Such allies include: lacewings, ladybugs, parasitoid wasps*, Tachinid flies, praying mantises, minute pirate bugs, and soldier beetles. 

Along with attracting beneficial bugs, we designed this pack to be appealing to the eye and palate. With a blend of wildflowers and herbs, you can expect a showy array of different blooms along with herbs that can be used to liven things up in the kitchen! We also wanted to mimic the harmony in nature by including plants that work well together. Some of the species included here are fast-growing broad-leaved plants that will help to support the slower growing plants that will come up beneath them.

Please see HERE for the list of plants included in the mix, application rates, and planting instructions!

The contents of this package can cover 500-1000sq.ft depending on weed pressure. 

*For anyone scared of these wasps, these are very very tiny and cannot hurt you but will prey on critters like aphids and caterpillars that want to eat your garden!

Orchard Supply Pick-Up and Shipping


Orchard supplies can be picked up at the nursery anytime during store hours.

If you have placed an order for orchard supplies when we do not have general hours or would like to pick-up outside of regular hours, call or email us and we are happy to arrange something with you.


Orchard supplies can be shipped all over Canada and, upon request, to the US. Unlike bareroot plants, we ship orchard supplies anytime of the year.

If the shipping fees do not seem accurate at checkout, let us know and we can double check the estimate for you.

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