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TM-7 Humic Acid

TM-7 Humic Acid

We use fulvic and humic acids in all foliar or root applications in our fields, as it really helps nutrient availability to plants and a little goes a long way (see application rates)! The past few seasons we have had exceptional transplant success with both nursery and orchard plantings using a root dip at planting of fulvic and humic acids, and mycorrhizal fungi. This particular product (TM-7) has more than just the fulvic and humic acids, and is certified organic in USA but not Canada- this may be due to a difference in regulations or the company simply hasn't obtained certification by a Canadian approved organic certifier.

TM-7 contains a blend of seven micronutrients as well as concentrated humic and fulvic acid. It can be used to stimulate microbial activity, increase nutrient uptake, and reduce nutrient leaching. It improves soil structure, builds plant immunity, and promotes growth and increased yields.

Derived from: Boron, cobalt sulfate, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, sodium molybdenate, zinc sulfate and chelated with humic and fulvic acids derived from fresh water cretaceous humate deposits.

Size: 100g

Application: Can be used for seed activation and soil or foliar applications

Soil, container, or foliar application: 0.75-1.25g/gal

Field application: 2-4 pounds per acre every 3-6 weeks  

Soil: Good for all soil types including containers and hydroponics  

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