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Tree Training Bands

Tree Training Bands

These stretchy bands are designed to help you train your tree! Simply attach them to the trunk of a tree or a nearby stake and then to a young branch to gently pull it down into a more horizontal position, promoting fruit production and strong scaffold layers. 

For more information on the benefits of training branches and how to use the tree training bands, read Orchard People's article here!

These bands feature a convenient hook so you can connect multiple bands together to adjust the length and tension as needed when tying down a branch. 

Orchard Supply Pick-Up and Shipping


Orchard supplies can be picked up at the nursery anytime during store hours.

If you have placed an order for orchard supplies when we do not have general hours or would like to pick-up outside of regular hours, call or email us and we are happy to arrange something with you.


Orchard supplies can be shipped all over Canada and, upon request, to the US. Unlike bareroot plants, we ship orchard supplies anytime of the year.

If the shipping fees do not seem accurate at checkout, let us know and we can double check the estimate for you.

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