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Stark Apple

Stark Apple

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History: The exact origins of Stark are unknown, but it originated in Ohio sometime before the mid to late 1800s. It was promoted as a good apple for commercial growing due to its thick skin making it more resistant to bruising during transport and general good flavour.

Why We Grow It: Stark produces a greenish apple with a dull red blush with thick skin and often a waxy finish. It is juicy with a mild flavour that is both sweet and tart, and it stores quite well.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: ?

Soil Preference: Sandy loam, loam, clay loam. Prefers average to moist conditions, avoid planting anywhere that floods for more than two weeks in the spring. Generally quite adaptable to different soil conditions. 

Growth Habits and Disease Resistance: Moderately vigorous, tends to produce crops every other year but has good crops when it does. Susceptible to fireblight and cedar apple rust.

Sun/Shade: Full sun (approx. 8-10 hours of sun daily)

Pollination: Triploid, requires two pollinators of different non-triploid apple varieties that bloom around the same time  

Flowering Time: Middle

Ripens: Late October

Storage: Keeps until April when stored in refrigerated conditions

Recommended Use: Fresh eating, baking, cooking, cider

Size including roots:

  • 1m+ Whip: 100-200cm
  • 1m+ Branched: 100cm+ with at least three branches 30cm+
  • 50-80cm Whip: 50-80cm
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