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Passe Crassane Pear

Passe Crassane Pear

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A favourite winter pear of France, from 1855. Aromatic, floral, and fruity with melting texture. Best enjoyed after 4-5 months in storage. Stem tips are often dipped in wax to keep moisture in during their long ripening period. Slightly susceptible to scab and mildew.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5

Recommended Use: fresh eating

Ripens: harvest Late October, enjoy Feb-March

Pollination: Requires a pollinator

Height including roots: 100-200 cm one-year tree

To Order for Fall 2020: orders for fall shipping or pick-up can be placed September to October for planting this year in early November, as weather permits. We sell only apples and pears bareroot in the fall, as they are most winter hardy. Everything else (as well as apple and pear) is available in spring. If you wish to place an order containing spring sale items, please email us to reserve them, or wait until December to order for the spring.

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