Geneva Hardy Kiwi (Female)

Geneva Hardy Kiwi (Female)

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A. arguta. Medium sized fruit with smooth skin, so you can eat the whole kiwi! Delicious, honey-scented fruit, ripens before Issai, and can be enjoyed out of hand like grapes, make into preserves. Or, puree with some applesauce (or other favourite fruit) and a dab of honey, poured into molds, and create a nutritious popsicle for kids and adults! This vigorous vine can reach up for 40' long, so be prepared to prune, or trellis up to 100lb of fruit per season. Bred at the Geneva NY Experiment Station.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5

Recommended Use: juice, cooking, baking

Ripens: Early September

Pollination: Pollinate with Meader variety

Size including roots: 1 year (20-40cm)