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Ashmead's Kernel Apple

Ashmead's Kernel Apple

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Originating in the UK, in the 1700's what this apple doesn't have in it's medium-sized, russeted appearance, it makes up for in flavour. This Old World English apple has stuck with us thanks to it's unique flavour - nutty with notes of pear and spice. In cider blends, Ashmead's Kernel mixes well with Cox's Orange Pippin. Like many heritage apples, this apple mellows out nicely in storage, and is perhaps at its peak 2-3 months after picking, as fresh off the tree it packs a strong sweet-sharp flavour. Triploid. 

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 4

Recommended Use: fresh eating, cooking, cider

Growth Habits and Disease Resistance: spur-bearing. Moderately vigorous, upright, somewhat erratic cropper in years with cold springs. Resistant to scab, susceptible to bitter pit.

Ripens: Late October

Pollination: Requires a pollinator

Height including roots: 100-200 cm one-year tree

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