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Black Locust Seedling
Black Locust Seedling
Black Locust Seedling

Black Locust Seedling

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Robinia pseudoacacia ssp. Native as far north as Pennsylvania, this tree is considered invasive to southern Ontario as it grows quickly and aggressively. Keeping this in mind, we feel when it is grown with control and awareness, it can be a powerful ally for the following reasons: It is a great pioneer species in ecologically disturbed spaces, thanks to its resilience and ability to grown and produce nitrogen, even in poor soil. It provides erosion control with its spreading, shallow root system, and because it's a fast growing hardwood, it is preferred for firewood and furniture (60x more rot resistant than cedar). Bees appreciate it's showy blooms, which are edible and can be enjoyed in salads, jams, cooking and baking: check out Fiddlehead Nursery's locust-flower patty recipe!

Height including roots: 60-90cm or 120cm+

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 4

Recommended Use: fresh eating, baking, preserving, cooking

Ripens: late June

Pollination: self pollinating

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