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Brunswick Lowbush Blueberry

Brunswick Lowbush Blueberry

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History: Brunswick lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) is a variety from eastern Canada. Despite what its name may suggest, this variety was actually bred in Nova Scotia rather than New Brunswick.

Why We Grow It: Brunswick produces firm, medium-sized dark blue berries, bursting with sweet flavour. These lowbush blueberries grow into a compact bush, with glossy dark green foliage that turns a lovely red in autumn.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 4

Soil Preference: Prefers sandy, well-drained, acidic soil. Consider checking your soil type and pH before planting and adding peat moss or other acidifiers if needed. 

Growth Habits: Forms a compact, low shrub that reaches 30cm in height, takes 1-2 years to produce fruit

Sun/Shade: Full sun (approx. 8-10 hours of sun daily) preferred but will tolerate partial shade

Pollination: Requires another blueberry of a different cultivar to produce fruit, the more cultivars present the better the pollination

Ripens: July

Storage: Keeps less than two weeks when stored in the fridge

Size including roots: 30 cm tall 1 year plant


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