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Species: Symphytum sp. 

History: Comfrey plants are native to various continents around the world including Europe, Asia, and North America. Common names such as boneset and knitbone and its genus name referencing the Greek 'symphis' meaning 'growing together of bones' indicates it may have been used medicinally for mending bones. Comfrey is now popular as a permaculture plant.

Why We Grow It: This classic permaculture plant grows incredibly deep tap roots, mining rich nutrients from deep below the soil surface. It's a living mulch that 'molts' 3-4 times each season. It's used in traditional medicine and creates a healthful compost tea full of calcium and potassium. It grows up to 70 cm tall, before molting down, and spreads slowly over the years.

Fruit Specs

Recommended Use: Compost tea, planting near trees to draw up nutrients in soil

Fruit Size: n/a

Storage: n/a

Harvest: N/A

Growing Specs

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 4

Soil Preference: Prefers loam but adaptable to different soils

Flowering Time: Spring - Late

Bloom Colour: Pinkish-white

Pollination Requirements: Self-pollinating

Sun/Shade Requirements:

Full sun (approx. 8-10 hours of sun daily)

General Growth Habits:

Plant gets up to 70cm tall, flops over a few times a year, thin bristles on leaves and stem can be a bit abrasive, flowers late spring to early summer

Shipping vs. Pick Up

CLICK HERE to see how shipping compares to pick up.

Shipping: Every year we ship thousands of trees across Canada (except BC due to CFIA regulations). We carefully bag roots in damp sawdust, then box them and send them out via courrier. CLICK HERE to see our shipping policy.

Pick-up: We also have thousands of trees picked up from our nursery each year. The pick-up options is free, though you must wait until you have been emailed a confirmation that your order is ready to pick up, which will have further information such as hours, locations, etc. We really appreciate if you can make an appointment to pick up, then we can be as organized as possible during our busy season.

Size at Purchase

Our bareroot perennial vegetables are sold as root crowns or tubers and will often have little to no vegetative growth on them. Depending on the plant, you may receive one or two root chunks, crowns, or tubers per order. The size varies significantly between species.

Like with our other plants, we recommend planting our perennial vegetables dormant so the transplanting process is less stressful on them. As a result, they may not look like much when you receive them but they tend to start growing fairly quickly.

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