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Hackberry Seedling
Hackberry Seedling
Hackberry Seedling
Hackberry Seedling

Hackberry Seedling

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Celtis occidentalis. Reaching up to 18 meters tall, these beautiful native trees resemble the American elm, but without the disease issues. Both birds and butterflies enjoy this tree. The sweet small fruit taste like dates with a large crunchy pit that can be eaten or discarded. Thanks to their unusually high levels of proteins, calories, and vitamins, they appear to have helped fuel homo erectus a millennia ago: stashes of the pits have been found in ancient archaeological dig sites.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 3

Recommended Use: fresh eating, preserves

Ripens: late September

Pollination: Self pollinating  


  • Bareroot seedling (not including roots): 15-25cm
  • B grade bareroot seedling (not including roots): 8cm 
  • Potted (including pot): 25-45 cm one year seedling in air prune pot
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