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Species: Armoracia rusticana

History: Horseradish originated somewhere in the Mediterranean and has been well known since ancient history, appearing in writings from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and the Renaissance. It has historically been used for both culinary and medicinal purposes in Europe and was introduced to North America by European colonizers where indigenous peoples also adopted it for medicinal use. Today, horseradish is commonly grown around the world and used in cooking or to make sauces. An enzyme in horseradish also has applications in molecular biology and biochemistry! 

Why We Grow it: Horseradish is a root vegetable with a distinctly pungent and sharp taste. As a result, it is most often used in cooking and making sauces/condiments. It is a hardy vegetable and has a tendency to spread through the garden so extra care should be taken to keep it contained when planting it.

Fruit Specs

Recommended Use: Cooking

Fruit Size:

Storage: Whole roots keep a few weeks in the fridge and grated horseradish can last six months in the freezer

Harvest: September - Late

Growing Specs

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 2

Soil Preference: Prefer loam, but adaptable to different kinds

Flowering Time: Summer

Bloom Colour: White

Pollination Requirements: Self-Pollinating

Sun/Shade Requirements:

Prefers full sun (approx. 8-10 hours of sun daily) but will tolerate partial shade with reduced yields

General Growth Habits:

Herbaceous plant reaches up to 1.5m tall, susceptible to cabbageworms (Pieris rapae). Needs at least one year in the ground before harvesting but can be harvested from late fall until spring.

Shipping vs. Pick Up

CLICK HERE to see how shipping compares to pick up.

Shipping: Every year we ship thousands of trees across Canada (except BC due to CFIA regulations). We carefully bag roots in damp sawdust, then box them and send them out via courrier. CLICK HERE to see our shipping policy.

Pick-up: We also have thousands of trees picked up from our nursery each year. The pick-up options is free, though you must wait until you have been emailed a confirmation that your order is ready to pick up, which will have further information such as hours, locations, etc. We really appreciate if you can make an appointment to pick up, then we can be as organized as possible during our busy season.

Size at Purchase

Our bareroot perennial vegetables are sold as root crowns or tubers and will often have little to no vegetative growth on them. Depending on the plant, you may receive one or two root chunks, crowns, or tubers per order. The size varies significantly between species.

Like with our other plants, we recommend planting our perennial vegetables dormant so the transplanting process is less stressful on them. As a result, they may not look like much when you receive them but they tend to start growing fairly quickly.

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