Shagbark Hickory Seedling
Shagbark Hickory Seedling
Shagbark Hickory Seedling

Shagbark Hickory Seedling

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Species: Carya ovata

History: Shagbark Hickory is native to parts of southern Ontario and much of the eastern United States. Much more common than the Shellbark Hickory, Shagbark Hickory is an important source of food for many species. Indigenous peoples also used the nuts as a food source and made the kernel milk into various dishes, along with using the wood to make bows. The strong wood is also used to make items such as tool handles and drumsticks that require extra durability.

Why We Grow It: Shagbark Hickory produces an abundant crop of small hickory nuts every year and the sap can also be boiled for a unique flavored syrup (we haven't tried this yet, but would love to hear about it if you have!). The tree gets its name from the unique peeling bark, adding extra visual appeal wherever the tree is planted.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 5

Soil Preference: Loamy and sandy soils

Growth Habits and Disease Resistance: Tree reaches 20-30m tall but can reach 46m in some cases

Sun/Shade: Full sun preferred but can tolerate partial shade (approx. 6-10 hours of sun daily)

Pollination: Requires another Shagbark Hickory tree in order to pollinate and produce nuts   

Flowering Time: Spring

Bloom Colour: Green

Ripens: Late October

Storage: Nuts can be stored for up to a year in proper conditions

Recommended Use: Nuts used for fresh eating, cooking, or baking

Height Above Soil: 10cm

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