Siberian Pea Shrub
Siberian Pea Shrub

Siberian Pea Shrub

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Species: Caragana arborescens

History: As the name implies, Siberian pea shrubs are native to Siberia but also parts of China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. They came to the US with Eurasian immigrants who used the pods as a source of food while traveling. It has been planted ornamentally and as bonsai, and can be used as erosion control. It is also unfortunately invasive in some parts of the US.

Why We Grow It: A classic permaculture plant! Siberian pea shrubs are nitrogen fixing, very hardy, disease and drought resistant, and, above all, edible. The flowers and young pods can be eaten fresh while the older pods are cooked. The plants are also attractive to pollinators.

Canadian Hardiness Zone: 2

Soil Preference: Prefers loam but adaptable to different soil types

Growth Habits and Disease Resistance: Shrub reaches 2-6m tall, moderate to high vigour, very hardy. Disease resistant and drought tolerant.

Sun/Shade: Partial shade (approx. 6-8 hours of sun daily)

Pollination: Self-pollinating, this variety will produce seed pods without a different variety but will produce more one is present    

Flowering Time: Early spring

Bloom Colour: Yellow

Ripens: Late June or early July

Recommended Use: Fresh eating, cooking, pollinator plant

Height above soil line: 

  • 15-30cm 
  • 30cm+
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